Along with the superstructure of your building, the construction elements you choose are crucial to achieving an efficient, high-performance building. 
We can offer innovative industry standard elements such as ResCom® Fireboard, Home Ventilation & Heat Recovery, Cork Rendering and Doors and Windows to achieve the highest quality for your next project. 

ResCom® Building Products UK 

As ResComBP UK Agent Hybrid MMC, we offer a high-performance A1 non-combustible board as sheathing to walls(external and internal). Also available with ISO8336 approval is a P5 Chipboard replacement. Rain screen Systems tested to the new 23rd June 2022 Fire Regulations. A 120min FR without any insulation; quick clip installation with metal fixing supplied as part of the system. 

Heat Pumps and MVHR Systems 

From our range of suppliers we can offer an array of home ventilation, heat recovery and air conditioning systems to create a habitable space, such as MVHR systems(single rooms to full house) and air source heat pumps. 

T-Stud ™ Thermal Break Studs 

As an alternative to wood studs, Tstud™ thermal break studs are more energy-efficient, reduce the carbon footprint of your home, and impose less strain on your HVAC system and other household appliances. 
Easy Installation 
Increased Structural Strength 
Lower BTU Consumption 
Reduced Sound Transmission 
The BareNaked Tstud™ is similar to the R19 Tstud™ except without the foam core. Because ~39% of all builders use a blown-in fiberglass, cellulose, mineral wool, or a spray-in open or closed cell foam, the BareNaked Tstud™ allows any builder to fill in the cavity and the void to create the continuous insulation in the field. 

Cork Rendering 

Cork render is a thermal and weatherproof breathable coating that can be used both externally and internally to help solve thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and damp proofing issues. 

Doors & Windows 

We can offer a wide range of doors and windows including Aluminium, recycled UPVC, hurricane proof and airtight engineered timber. 
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